Friday, January 31, 2020

that which will probably outlive us all reading this now.

editing block, single-edged non-magnetic razor blades, joining tape, chinagraph pencils and a small amount of leader tape = the editing equipment for every single analogue tape splice used on a Hafler Trio release. and no, cross-fading is *not* the same as a 1/4 inch 45° splice. sorry. it isn't.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Thank You for Arguing, Swine Optional Extra.

This is Our Problem: What WIll Our Joy Be Then? 

for the first time, The Hafler Trio’s rejoinders to the first three Fovea Hex EP’s available to download. 


The Explanation. 23:28 


The Discussion. 21:56 


An Answer. 59:54 

on re-examining these artefacts, originally intended to bolster the then new and lovely EP’s by Fovea Hex (erroneously described as “reworkings” of that material - they are not), they emitted coherence and internal integrity to an extent that it was revealed; they no longer were needed or even required to support other artefacts, and now their own allotted span might now be permitted to commence. these recordings were not accompanied by texts or other artwork, and were designed to be heard on CD. therefore, in contrast to 90% of other Hafler Trio recordings, they can be presented here without loss of quality or omission of non-audio content. as it is highly unlikely that anyone would release these in any other form, here we go. the material here has been carefully remastered from the original constructions at he highest quaility technically available to Your Humble Narrator at the present time, and this is actually in excess of that of the CD releases: many details are now audible which were somewhat subdued in the originals. In Dulce Jubilo, and may all your Solstices be bright. roughly 2 hours of material. 

released January 29, 2020 

all material made un-catatonic and resurrected by that entity we know and do not love called The Hafler Trio in the first gleamings of the Year of Our Lord 2020. may this new marriage inspire countless others. 

all titles published by Freibank. 

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