Friday, February 15, 2019

time was, time is, time shall be no more. if that's all right with you.

glance if you will, at the Simply Superior website, and you will see towards the bottom left-hand corner two items. the first is the 'pataphysical calendar (WikiPedia link here) and the "Year" by Angus Maclise (information here)

$DEITY blaess all who sail in her/them/it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

restoration comedy, history, no mystery.

in these time of the re-arrangement of the past to suit present or imagined agendas, please witness some photographs from a session that you may have seen before, albeit the best photo of the batch (not reproduced here). in the book about The Dreamachine by John Geiger, you will see half of the first photograph, and although I may have my eyes closed (how inappropriate for a Dreamachine photograph!) and am squinting in the rest due to the unnaturally sunny day in Jolly Olde Brighton, it is hard not to posit that *someone* edited Your Friend and Humble Narrator out, as has happened many times in the recent past. all photos by the (then) Paula P-Orridge. proof that nastiness was not always in such abundance.

[UPDATE] oh, what the hell. here is what happened in the book, plus the other photo.