Thursday, March 8, 2018

opening doors to the blessings of potential realised.

someone inviting you to something. now.
with a hop, a step, the raising of many small flags and trebles all round, Simply Superior has something for you:

indeed, much to read, ponder, and inwardly digest; this is a concerted, serious offer to all, and as such, needs verbiage to support it before the actual experience is obtained.

so not much to add except to state again that all correspondence on this subject will be replied to, and a huge, nay, massive entreaty to all those reading this and the webpage itself to spead this news as far and as wide as possible through whatever means are available: this way is the only practical way at present to spread Complemation with the lack of possibilities for public events at the present time (for reasons it may or may not be useful to go into later), and your help - yes, yours - will be greatly appreciated and useful in the war efforts.

may all be well.