Thursday, November 17, 2016

you're dead, but so what?

this link is now dead, but here are some screenshots:

as can be seen, I have been vocal about this for years. it is mildly surprising that this is and has not been mentioned much publically. it is possible that I can be scolded for not having mentioned this earlier, but that would only be done by people who have not listened. rather like the Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter or Rolf Harris 'revelations', nobody would believe it, but everyone knew.

these people are dead. I knew both of them, reasonably well, but before they became the entity they call Coil.

the people that knew them have never spoken out, and for this, they should feel shame. I was always greeted with incredulity, and always with the adjunction that I wasn't part of their little clique, so I couldn't possibly know. but I did.

no, I have never been a 'joiner.' not ever to such a patently corrupt and disgrace to humanity as these people. forget any of the sounds that these people produced. they deserve no excuses. perversion stems from a total impropriation and neglect of basic human values, and as such, is worthy of pity and treatment. these unfortunate individuals had access to nobody that would call them out; in Sleazy's case, he was simply too rich and powerful, and in Geff/Jhon/whatever's case, he was a mess.

and they are not the only ones. the whole history of the 'industrial movement' is littered with such basket cases, and the real culprits are yet to be outed.