Tuesday, April 10, 2012

like the people of the Beltane.

the DREAMACHINE: and so it came to pass that the project was deemed to require subtitles. no simple task, this, due to the passage of time and presence of much mumbling, verily, and never let it be said that the grass grows under this side of the fence. time-consuming, but almost excruciatingly clear to both sides of the beast in that which we call Man, delighted people everywhere will sing its praises on eventually being allowed to view said item. this year, coincidentally (or not) marks the 30th anniversary of Mr. McKenzie meeting Mr. Gysin. so that's what caused all the trouble, then. 30 years of The Hafler Trio this year, too. is there dancing in the streets? not from the view out of this particular window, it seems...

it is indeed official: the project "'''''''" as premiered in 2009 in Aarhus, Denmark is to be assembled and re-animated in Stockholm, Sweden, from June 24th until July the 5th of this year, at the studio known to initiates as EMS. the very lovely RĂșnar Magnusson and the equally delightful Tommi KerĂ€nen will be skipping along with your friend and humble narrator to pastures Scandinavian for the duration, in order that wonders should never cease. moves are at hand and afoot to ensure that this also takes place in other places, some of which are nearing "my word! 'pon my soul! it's going to happen!" status. are you one of those lovely souls that would love to have this dream of superbness come to a place that you occupy in your waking hours? then get in contact, as young people are wont to express it. truly a project to inspire and instruct: teaching all sorts of marvels in order that the piece can finally be performed, it allows both academic and real, direct learning as well as hedonistic experiential modes to be equally engaged, simultaneously, madam.

the Simply Superior website is, at the time of writing, down. this also means all email communications. bah. tish. puh, fuss, bother, and itch. why this is, we know not. could it be that the search for real web hosting has failed, finally, and we are without means of obvious support? we sea shell. [update] back up again. oh, indeed. erraticism increasing.

VENJULEGA is nearly done. oh yes. you read that correctly. the truth of the matter is at hand. more images and some sounds will be posted at the Behance portfolio, and for being such patient, resilient creatures, a special added item will be included in the dispatch. this is one mighty project, and has cost not only technical time and effort, as well as resources, but a personal draining to a level not hitherto experienced by the author. assurance is here guaranteed that this is a major Hafler Trio release, even if only 7 people ever get to experience it.

plans are afoot to have Simply Superior and The Hafler Trio set foot on soil belonging formally to the U.S.A., to carry out creative work for the first time in this territory for almost 25 years. this scandalously long lapse has been a trying one, to say the least - quite a few initiatives have foundered in the intervening period. when these plans are unveiled - as they surely will be some lovely day in the future as seen in this particular crystal ball - we will of course be inviting bandwagon-jumping as much as decently allowed. your children's birthday party this year may well be unforgettable, it would seem.

is there more? undoubtedly. which of these things s more important to you to ask here, in order that it might be answered? well, you know, of course..