Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

tangling, weaving, and eating.

a delightful lightning visit by our long-time associate and all-round top-notch person Carl Abrahamsson is sadly past: much of Simply Superior relevance was discussed, including, but not limited to practical noodlings in the near future with himself, Edda, The Fenris Wolf,  Grounded Mag, and other major delights. stay tuned to this particular Bat-Channel for more on these things as they emerge from the collective fevered but diamond-sutra-like focused brain spaces.

Carl continued to snap his cobra-like lens at some silly things, including the face of Your Humble Correspondent. we await with bated breath the results of all this wanton use and abuse of technology. He also was kind enough to spread the word:

...for which we are delighted and most grateful! feel free to add to Carl's Facebook page comments and peruse his activities....

the Simply Superior Complemation Academy has also been raised to prominence in more and more people's thoughts these last few days, including perhaps a small beginning - a trial run, so to speak - in Tallinn, Estonia. a treatise, a tract, a discourse of modest proportions is forthcoming.

"Vous avez dit ethique?"
Deja le murmur s'amplifie en rumeur.
Soudain les roses ne montrent plus des epines. 
Sans doute le sujet est-il brulant.
Il est aussi d'actualite

Monday, February 20, 2012

just because we need it.

"To understand, to get to the basis, the root or hidden meaning, is the
wrong tool to bring" to our own work. "Perhaps interstand [or better yet
intra-stand] is what we do, to engage with the work, to mix with it in an
active engagement, rather than 'figuring it out.' Figure it in'" Knowledges
are not innocent representations, but inter-actions of natures-cultures;
knowledge is about meeting the universe halfway.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I came, I saw, I made a soufflé.

yes, ladies and men, we have: - may the streets be filled with the happy sound of multitudes rejoicing. or at least smiling a little bit. not steam-driven in the slightest, we will have you know, now and at least forever.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

gauntlets and brimstone.

HERE we have the beginnings of something. perhaps. no responses as of the time of writing.

an association of great magnitude with Hljódklettar has begun. O joy unending! more details as we see fit to print. appropriate as we now enter the final straits of VENJULEGA.

squeaking of which, the data rescue is now being wiggled though, comparing files that say they are full of delightful wonders and are not, with those that say nothing and yet are. a fitting metaphor for the subject matter, indeed.

KUNDABUFFER will be making use of, among other things, Vivid Thinking methods. exciting stuff.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

a part of the past is not all of it.

technology update:

the large Seagate disk contents have been examined - took almost a full week - and there is weirdness galore: some folders are empty, some are part-full, some files are missing, and some files are 0kb. on further examination, some of the files are not even 0kb, but, wait for it, wait for it...NO SIZE AT ALL! how this can happen is as big a mystery as sausage. current hypothesis, cooked up by ourselves and the Russian data recover person, is that the file contents table got damaged in a way that not many humans have seen before. if you know, or know of anyone that knows how this might be addressed, do not hesitate to reveal!

if the data was enclosed in folders that still 'exist', the chances are high that some if not all of the data can be retrieved. we shall see. as some of the files have no trace either on the image of the disk at the data rescue place or within the mass of data delivered after the recovery process, and we have no catalogue of the previous contents, we can only guess at what is really missing. all that can be seen is that approximately 80% of the DREAMACHINE project is intact, but until we can open up the project files and see what is missing, we won't know. the caveat about that is as follows: we can see that at least two of the project files are missing (there are something like 15 or 16 in total). hmm.

something like one third of the VENJULEGA fles are missing or 0kb.

so, we await any last gasp attempts by our new friends at that might alter the state of play. meanwhile, reconstruction efforts are now in action. yes, the usual news as it comes in footer is inserted here.

and again we push buttons... <--- updated! yes!