Saturday, December 31, 2011

fruits de labo(u)r

here we have a taste of what the people who sat on the fence and missed the VENJULEGA edition of DJARTKLOM. indeed, yes. may all be happy.

still, silent, here.

Friday, December 16, 2011

more code silliness.

now examining this:

anyone with experience, please let us know.

Lua has been assimilated, and it seems like Simply Superior will be joining the illustrious ranks of Angry Birds. how life twists and turns into strange pretzel-like forms when we're not looking. prototypes are beginning to form. more hats in air, but cautiously, Richter fans.

what you see here is an actual KUNDABUFFER logo on an Android tablet as part of a native app's embedded movie. it was almost certain that this couldn't be done, and was certain that it was (and is).

oh, the excitement.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the joy of development, episode 27.

another few days cracking eggs with sticks and possibly putting the remnants in baskets. after very careful experimentation, haggling with the soul, screaming and shouting at and into thin air, and observing the flexing of muscles designed originally to pull hair out but rendered superfluous because of the lack of said excess of protein, the apps will be divided; that is, the two or three paths will not converge, as making them all the same on all the devices is, well, silly. not the kind of silliness I wholeheartedly approve of, which I hold (every dear to me) to exist. the Android and iOS parties (and what a depressing party it is, to be sure) have ensured by collective egotism of just stupidity to make each other mutually exclusive in just about every detail. therefore, we shall REJOICE in the differences! we shall make a feature out of this gimcrackery and belly-button fluff disputation! this means, practically squeaking, that 'features' will be exclusive and diverge from each other, as the platforms continue to develop and emerge. the principal requirements will be: that people 'accessing' these items be prepared to read and not to 'skim' (ways are being developed by our good offices to, if not enforce that requirement, then to strongly encourage it) - they shall be places where rather unexpected and non-user-friendly things will happen. for good reasons, let it be known! in any case, time is running out for the acceptance of suggestions, and soon the concrete will be poured over the foundations. you have been warned. mad surprise of the day: the extreme difficulty with which an iOS device plays a assured this will not be a problem, and that eager potential buyers may expect a plethora of food for...thought, well, yes, and other things...

footnote: the wood for the lids of the DJARTKLOM boxes was supplied with the assurance that "it wouldn't happen again". and it has. but subscribers can be assured that Real Soon Now is a reality.

come in No.37, your time is up.

hereby is the last chance to say what you want in the forthcoming Simply Superior apps, which are in the final planning stages. please be nice and polite and tell us what you want for your favourite pagan celebration offering, and earnest consideration, you may be assured, will be bestowed upon whatever you inscribe on these silicon tablets. time is running out, ladies and men!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

the stuff of thought.

Sean Booth from Autechre and Mr. McKenzie spoke for a long time on the Simply Superior teleconference. it could be argued that some things they spoke about would have been interesting for others. but those others were...busy.

Our associates at Zikzira Physical Theatre would appear to be nearing their long travail concerning their film which The Hafler Trio have completed a soundtrack for. at some point in the blessedly near future, it would seem that a journey to Shepperton Studios in the UK will become a reality in order to cross T's and dot I's, and then to unleash its benevolent grandeur upon an expectant world. or something. Simply Superior is in the process of designing the titles. another of Zikzira's projects, "Eu Vos Liberto" has a 5.1 surround score, which was premiered in Brazil some time ago. there are currently no plans to release this rather substantial work. unless you have other ideas.