Wednesday, October 19, 2016



Wednesday, October 12, 2016

scar on wrist not shown.

photograph by Tom Benson (R.I.P.) in Göteborg, Sweden, ca. 1990-1991. a book of his splendid photos will be published by Carl Abrahamsson very soon.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

you have it all wrong.

to the various and small number of people that objected to my obituary of Zbigniew "Spieshek" Karkowski, please re-read what I wrote, and then look at these photos from Seattle, the 30th of December 1990, when we were on tour with Phauss, Johan Söderberg, Ulf Bilting (for part of it), Annika von Hausswolff and mice elf. these were taken by one Arthur S. Aubry, and efforts to locate him electronically have failed. I hope that his talented and compassionate heart will forgive me for publishing these without his consent. his method was one of an old Polaroid camera - the film was exposed for about a minute under bright lights (hence the weird eyes) and then heavily pressed onto thick 'real' paper. (these prints are for sale)

obviously, I did not hate him. have a look at the interview he did that was sneakily and dishonourably released on video after we played in Dallas Texas ("we're making a student film; can we interview you? it won't be released...") and see and hear what he says about me. 180° my dears.

anyway, beautiful photos, I think.