Sunday, December 4, 2011

the stuff of thought.

Sean Booth from Autechre and Mr. McKenzie spoke for a long time on the Simply Superior teleconference. it could be argued that some things they spoke about would have been interesting for others. but those others were...busy.

Our associates at Zikzira Physical Theatre would appear to be nearing their long travail concerning their film which The Hafler Trio have completed a soundtrack for. at some point in the blessedly near future, it would seem that a journey to Shepperton Studios in the UK will become a reality in order to cross T's and dot I's, and then to unleash its benevolent grandeur upon an expectant world. or something. Simply Superior is in the process of designing the titles. another of Zikzira's projects, "Eu Vos Liberto" has a 5.1 surround score, which was premiered in Brazil some time ago. there are currently no plans to release this rather substantial work. unless you have other ideas.

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