Saturday, November 19, 2011

All the News that's Fit to Utter, like. #1

as subscribers know, the boxes and books have been constructed for the new edition, VENJULEGA, a project that finally finds its expression through the august processes referred to. elbow grease has indeed been expended, and the written, sound and other materials are being slowly, carefully, and, dare we say it, beautifully assembled. it does the heart good. this project has quite a history, and some remnants are here. in addition, this is the last DJARTKLOM which will be in this form: a completely different format is being designed and worked on. those interested in trying to influence the next project to be undertaken are directed to look at the list here, and vote/cajol/scream and shout here on this blog for all to see. breath will not be held. those concerned as to the fate of the last TROGOAUTOEGOCRAT offerings to have the format are advised that the matter(s) are well in hand. we anticipate, quite a degree more than tentatively, that all this matter of items will be shipped before the Yuletide delights materialise.

although not strictly a Simply Superior product, The DREAMACHINE - a re-release of the material previously on KK Records, Staalplaat etc, together with massively expanded book, 5.1 surround soundtracks and versions of the original pieces as well as documentary footage is ready. well, that’s not true, actually. it was ready. you see, even after all these years, the PAL/NTSC ‘situation’ is still unresolved, and well, yes, the footage is...yes, PAL. and it seems that market forces still indicate that the visually inferior NTSC is to be produced. however, the footage is on a hard disk that has given up the ghost. what stands in the way, then, we hear you ask, as if in a chorus invisible? well, the wherewithal to revive and coerce these lovely pieces of data and make it go right, as the Scientologists say. we do hope, pray, and touch pieces of wood in the fervent hope that this situation will be resolved ‘afore long.

Simply Superior
has plans to visit Russia early in the new year, to give workshops, conduct private consultation sessions, and generally spread Light & Joy to (some of) those in Moscow and Smolensk. more news of this as it makes itself available to one or more of the senses. those wishing to get involved or otherwise take advantage of the opportunities for interaction in those cities should contact Aleksas.

we previously were hopeful that a resolution to the practicalities regarding a proposed ‘tour’ of 10 cities in the USA via a specially constructed piece. this is now no longer the case, and we regret this projects’ passing. we would still like to arrange something in the USA, so if anyone has serious suggestions for such an undertaking and would like to help facilitate same, you know where to get in touch.

Simply Superior is seeking an Agent for the booking, internationally, of events of all kinds. a generous commission is offered for successfully executed events. many outsourcing options have been investigated, but all have been found lacking. serious applications, please, for this unique, timely, and exciting possibility of real, engaged and committed action.

the Simply Superior teleconferences will shortly, inevitably, and delightfully be made available via podcast ‘soon’. this is true. they continue to be as varied as they are in number, and as such, there for the next one!

so what has been left out here? feel free to post a question!


  1. and we wait, and we wait, we wait...

  2. Interested to know is this possible to help restore Dreamachine project data. Probably a new HDD will help?

  3. Great news about the podcast, Andrew! I've been unable to make any of the teleconferences, as I always spend time with my son on the weekend. This will give me a great opportunity to hear them after the fact. Thanks for providing this option. It's very appreciated.

  4. the disk is about 700 GB, and requires specialist attention in order to retrieve the data. there are actually three disks in total, one of which contains Ambisonic and Surround recordings of the event in Aarhus, Denmark of two years ago - all 14 hours of it, and represents another very significant loss. there are many other things on these disks which are also inaccessible until such times as the possibility can be accessed to retrieve the data from them.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    If I can make an offer of assistance, I would be happy to help with the PAL-to-NTSC conversion of the Dreamachine footage. I have access to broadcast level, hardware-based standards conversion systems that do an excellent job of their dedicated tasks, so please do contact me if I can help in any way at all.

    All the best,

  6. how very, very kind: however, the problem is the dead hard disk on which the material languishes. there is an estimate of 300 Euros for recovery of this disk - not including another disk to put the material onto (and there are another two with irreplaceable h3o material which also died), which sum is not available from any source at the present time, for various reasons both understandable and incomprehensible. so the situation is basically stalemate...