Sunday, June 30, 2019

finally, and in conclusion, chapter No. 296.

so the thing finally sees the light of day. here, originally from 2003, is some information which has in the last few days become more relevant, or indeed, relevant again. presented for completion's sake, and because a few people actually asked me, again, about all this. good that it's out, though.

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"background: the "Alan and Sylvia" mentioned in this letter are Alan and Sylvia Cook, friends of both Chris Watson and myself. Alan is one of the great unsung heroes and influences on parts of the "industrial sheffield scene", as well as being on several h3o recordings. I used to regularly visit them, and on one occasion we were in the vicinity of Western Works, the (now demolished) Cabaret Voltaire recording studio, and decided to drop in. Richard H. Kirk and Steven Mallinder, the two remaining members of the group were not only long standing friends of Alans, but acquaintences of mine. I can't say I was ever close to them, but I knew them, and had done ever since Flesh had played support to them in Newcastle (poster etc elsewhere on the brainwashed/h3o site, now at

I had been petitioning all three of them, mainly through Chris, to agree to the release of "Chance Vs. Causality", the long-lost Cabaret Voltaire soundtrack to a film of the same name by Babette Mondini (as she was called at the time), of which a fragment of the audio was released on a 70's b-side. it is a stunning piece, and deserves release. at the time, the best possible solution would have been to do this on Touch, being, as it was then, pre-eminent in the field of sophisticated packaging and attention to details. I had located the film maker (which none of CV had been able to do), and all the machinations were arranged to effect what would have been a very fine release. but Chris kept dragging his heels...on, and on...which was the case with everything one tried to get him to do. and still is.

so, when passing the the studio and deciding to drop in, I casually asked if Richard & Mal had thought any more about the proposal. Richard replied that they had their own Doublevision label, and that if it were to see the light of day, that is where it would emerge from. no tensions, no demands, nothing untoward. just a casual enquiry and casual answer.

this document is the result of Chris being told of what I had "done" (whatever that is), and is presented here to clear up questions I am regularly asked, and to publicly show the levels of engagement that he states himself as applicable to his involvement with The Hafler Trio. the rest speaks for itself."

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

one to one it is not, how many times do you have to be told?

May 4th-19th, 2019, Väluste, Estonia

the beginning of something. and an enormous amount to digest. 15 different countries and three continents represented. all delightful. gratitude overflows.

Friday, February 15, 2019

time was, time is, time shall be no more. if that's all right with you.

glance if you will, at the Simply Superior website, and you will see towards the bottom left-hand corner two items. the first is the 'pataphysical calendar (WikiPedia link here) and the "Year" by Angus Maclise (information here)

$DEITY blaess all who sail in her/them/it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

restoration comedy, history, no mystery.

in these time of the re-arrangement of the past to suit present or imagined agendas, please witness some photographs from a session that you may have seen before, albeit the best photo of the batch (not reproduced here). in the book about The Dreamachine by John Geiger, you will see half of the first photograph, and although I may have my eyes closed (how inappropriate for a Dreamachine photograph!) and am squinting in the rest due to the unnaturally sunny day in Jolly Olde Brighton, it is hard not to posit that *someone* edited Your Friend and Humble Narrator out, as has happened many times in the recent past. all photos by the (then) Paula P-Orridge. proof that nastiness was not always in such abundance.

[UPDATE] oh, what the hell. here is what happened in the book, plus the other photo.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

my voice will go with you. most likely.

and LO! the clouds parted, and the dulcet tones of Your Humble Narrator arose for the edification of the Chosen Few.

voice material only, much more to be added, all proceeds to the Golden Medical Fund of Bottomless Need.

always at your servile.

not a single purchase.

Monday, January 21, 2019

for those who do, and those who might. especially, for those that will.

be alert! no, be aloof. we have enough lerts already:

will be added to as the archives are resurrected and dissected (which is in progress).

enquiries welcome, if nice.