Wednesday, December 14, 2011

come in No.37, your time is up.

hereby is the last chance to say what you want in the forthcoming Simply Superior apps, which are in the final planning stages. please be nice and polite and tell us what you want for your favourite pagan celebration offering, and earnest consideration, you may be assured, will be bestowed upon whatever you inscribe on these silicon tablets. time is running out, ladies and men!


  1. If it is possible for an app :

    --> from prehistoric caves to digital caves, how to express the need of record something for some kind of telling ? (the whole story of gravure and rotogravue :) )


    --> from dziga vertov ideas (and maybe the i love markting stuff suggested by aleksas) : my own "laboratory of hearing" app. Choose the sounds and compose your own soundscape with enthousiasm !

  2. how would this be best done though an app, and not through the normal (text) channels?

    choosing your own soundfiles is, as a friend of mine likes to say, "CD-ROM-ware". remember them? we had a bit of a discussion with Sean of Autechre about this, but of course nobody heard it because they were "too busy".

  3. [life story] If you want to know. the "soirée" where i was, during this teleconference, has been tasteless and totally useless ; I asked myself : "what am i doing there in that hell ?" Bad, really bad "soirée" for me and that was made by some "friends". The mood, generated by that soirée, was negative, totally negative for me. I thought i had to made a choice, in either case this was a bad choice : no teleconference, bad soiree. This is the lesson i do not want to learn and... [quote] They tempt me with violence / They punish me with ideals / And they crush me with an image of my / Life that's nothing but unreal / Except on the goddamned slaveship
    Of failure [/quote - M. gira as swans : failure] [/life story]

    I didn't think it in term of a cd-rom-ware but in the term of a graphical soundscape where you create a landscape with a bunch of puzzles/pictures with your fingers (touch screen) where each picture corresponds to a sound in itself. Something near that old sumerian alphabet :)