Friday, May 5, 2017

yes, things do happen, even though...

"Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Own Head" = residential education instruction and design

demonstration of techniques involved, entitled "Sly Man's Pill" at both locations at the end of the course. 9-hours duration. in Estonia, this will take place at Raikkula Manor.

websites will be set up in the near future concerning these matters.   

             The Pipe Factory, dates to be announced, possibly 23rd September.

Venjulega: soon. very soon. generosity has been forthcoming regarding supplying and funding the repair of damaged equipment, which has been holding up everything. all material has been re-done now 7 times, and that is enough, methinks. I heartily recommend transferring all your old DVD/CD backups to disk as soon as possible. I have lost many Terabytes of data because the technology that promised "forever" simply does not live up its promises. big surprise, but if it happens to you, then...

"How To Destroy the Past by Explaining It" = series of publications dealing with every single Hafler Trio release. exhaustive. formats not decided. comments invited.

A permanent location for the creation and manifestation of the Complemation principle is underway if you are interested in participating in such a venture, please inquire.

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