Monday, May 15, 2017

oh yes it is.

as predicted (thanks to Aleksas for the link):

The liner notes state clearly that listening on headphones or compressing the recordings on Normally into MP3 format will render the music ineffective. I figured this was bullshit, but my attempts so far have supported this statement. 

many years ago, I had to read the entire documentation regarding the .mp3 format, as it was just being released. I could see then, that it was 'incorrect' - that is, there were a number of premises about hearing that were not feasible. and so we see that the truth will out. now, do I get anyone understanding one of the chief reasons I do not wish Hafler Trio material on .mp3?


  1. Til hamingju með daginn, um daginn.

  2. I understand. I've no need nor want for Hafler Trio .mp3. I buy CDs (which serve as backups) and play the AIFF files I take from them on my MacBook Pro. I loathe mp3; it's obviously a thing of the past. I never listen to them anymore.