Monday, September 12, 2016

talk about destruction.

I had to leave my appalling situation for another one. the result of living in truly truly horrible conditions. this is 2 years of neglect, fostered by someone who has no conception of 'value' .

initial examination

hard disks with h3o projects now never to be completed.

all my Gurdjieff/4th Way books, and 1st edition of  "The Secret Life of Salvador Dali."

my collection 12" h3o LPs.

more h3o LP's

unpublished script of "Naked Lunch" by Brion Gysin

the 'storage' was paid for, of course. the owner of the space accepts no responsibility.

these are obviously in terrible condition, but some of them are the last copies available. I am open to offers, and will send them free of cost apart from the shipping, which will be not light. these are my personal copies, which were intended for my children, should they ever talk to me. it is more painful to have these damaged goods than to have them totally disappear.


  1. Oh, Andrew. This is just awful, awful, awful. I am aching looking at these photos.

  2. i know these are only words, Andrew, but sincerest commiserations; the images testify to a real tragedy.

  3. I am TOTALLY appalled by this! I can't think of a single thing
    to say to make you feel better, but you are in my thoughts!

    Best, Ivan <3