Tuesday, September 20, 2016

both, and.

"One of the major limitations of the judgement system is that it is reactive rather than proactive. This means that you criticise ideas rather than create them. The generative capacity is very low. It is restricted to thesis/antithesis/synthesis, which is only a tiny fraction of the creative potential in any situation.

The waiting boxes are standard, fixed and stereotyped. This means that we see things in a somewhat rigid and fixed way. While this may make for convenience, it does not make for the most appropriate action. The element of exploration is very restricted. It is restricted to which boxes are relevant and which of these is to be used. 

Complex situations are oversimplified and forced into standard boxes which  simply ignore certain factors. 

We are forced to look at the world with the perceptions, concepts and language which was set down in previous times. Our experience has been frozen, fixed and fossilised into existing boxes. Yet there is an absolute mathematical need to change these boxes. We cannot do this, because as soon as we step outside the established boxes then the traditionalists point out the error. So the traditional thinking method is excellent at defending and preserving its inadequacies - because it claims to have set the rules of the game: Use these standard boxes."

Edward de Bono, "Parallel Thinking"

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