Friday, February 24, 2012

tangling, weaving, and eating.

a delightful lightning visit by our long-time associate and all-round top-notch person Carl Abrahamsson is sadly past: much of Simply Superior relevance was discussed, including, but not limited to practical noodlings in the near future with himself, Edda, The Fenris Wolf,  Grounded Mag, and other major delights. stay tuned to this particular Bat-Channel for more on these things as they emerge from the collective fevered but diamond-sutra-like focused brain spaces.

Carl continued to snap his cobra-like lens at some silly things, including the face of Your Humble Correspondent. we await with bated breath the results of all this wanton use and abuse of technology. He also was kind enough to spread the word:

...for which we are delighted and most grateful! feel free to add to Carl's Facebook page comments and peruse his activities....

the Simply Superior Complemation Academy has also been raised to prominence in more and more people's thoughts these last few days, including perhaps a small beginning - a trial run, so to speak - in Tallinn, Estonia. a treatise, a tract, a discourse of modest proportions is forthcoming.

"Vous avez dit ethique?"
Deja le murmur s'amplifie en rumeur.
Soudain les roses ne montrent plus des epines. 
Sans doute le sujet est-il brulant.
Il est aussi d'actualite

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