Thursday, February 2, 2012

a part of the past is not all of it.

technology update:

the large Seagate disk contents have been examined - took almost a full week - and there is weirdness galore: some folders are empty, some are part-full, some files are missing, and some files are 0kb. on further examination, some of the files are not even 0kb, but, wait for it, wait for it...NO SIZE AT ALL! how this can happen is as big a mystery as sausage. current hypothesis, cooked up by ourselves and the Russian data recover person, is that the file contents table got damaged in a way that not many humans have seen before. if you know, or know of anyone that knows how this might be addressed, do not hesitate to reveal!

if the data was enclosed in folders that still 'exist', the chances are high that some if not all of the data can be retrieved. we shall see. as some of the files have no trace either on the image of the disk at the data rescue place or within the mass of data delivered after the recovery process, and we have no catalogue of the previous contents, we can only guess at what is really missing. all that can be seen is that approximately 80% of the DREAMACHINE project is intact, but until we can open up the project files and see what is missing, we won't know. the caveat about that is as follows: we can see that at least two of the project files are missing (there are something like 15 or 16 in total). hmm.

something like one third of the VENJULEGA fles are missing or 0kb.

so, we await any last gasp attempts by our new friends at that might alter the state of play. meanwhile, reconstruction efforts are now in action. yes, the usual news as it comes in footer is inserted here.

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