Tuesday, January 3, 2012

no, these windows don't open

yes, this is what awaited the aspirant Happy Traveler on seeking a Visa. wondering has been persistent ever since as to whether a country can actually close for the holidays, and further, will certain appointments be kept? and how long can such a way of doing things continue? the answer is very likely to be "a very long time", to be sure, the bureaucracy possibly outlasting the cockroaches after the inevitable mushroom cloud that blotted out the sun of many youths no longer so.

the CORONA SDK decision is now being questioned, and the same painted horse keeps leering every time it comes around. not sure if the organ-grinder will ever stop.

composing another text dealing with the most highly desired, necessary, and 'right' Simply Superior asset-to-be, the Agent (or Agents). more on this soon, arr, Jim Lad.

new Rupert Sheldrake interview here. new book sounds like something that should be looked at.

prospectus for Simply Superior COMPLEMATION ('complementary' + 'education') underway.

have been promised new, dry wood for new lids for DJARTKLOM  in 2 weeks. and that should be the end of it. more breath not held.

podcast non-news (and non-explanation prize for this month):

Subject: iTunes Store Podcast Rejected Notification
Dear Podcast Owner
The podcast located at the URL shown below has been blocked or removed from the iTunes directory as a result of technical problems with the feed.


  1. have writed several people to help us testing the podcast feed and will let you know of the results.

  2. Ordered Rupert book. With free delivery!

  3. And now the book shop say!:

    Unfortunately we are currently unable to ship to the country you have have selected.


  4. "If you go on a spree then go the whole hog including the postage."