Sunday, January 8, 2012

the inevitable in search of the impossible

yes, another hard disk crash, shipmates, and a bad one at that: 2TB of luvverly, luvverly data gone AWOL, and it seems like no way to bring it back. this means, yes, you perceptive devils, more DELAYS. not a lot of fun from where we presently are sat sitting down. we are now considering, contemplating and indeed ruminating ferociously upon other strategies, and trying to keep the staff from mutiny. more on this soon. [update] disk on main CPU now inaccessible, and so all work now halts. more on this when the sheer disbelief at the technological impediments fades to the point that speech and more extended writing becomes possible once more.

yesterdays teleconference a delight. many thanks to all concerned. podcast problem still not sorted. if biting the apple in the Gaden of Eden was "the beginning of all the trouble", then perhaps the adoption of such a logo is fitting. we leave that as exercise for the student, as teachers say when they don't know themselves. chiz, chiz.

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