Tuesday, November 14, 2017

wish you weren't here.

I have been out of hospital nearly two weeks, after having been in there for two. I am actually much worse than I was before I went in, with no end in sight. while I was there, however, two thoughts - or clusters of them - assailed me (I had much, much time for reflection and reverie, O my Fuzzy Headed Friends). they might make some difference - at least that vain hope persists.

it does not matter much whether or not you 'believe' or trust the Western Medical Establishment and their concomitant system(s) - you are likely, at some point in your life (I address the people reading this as in the majority, citizens of "Western" countries) to have a situation in which the only mechanisms available to you are those under their purvey. for the last 25-30 years my opinion - based on much experience in a wide variety of fields - has been shrinking in terms of its positive aspect with regard to Western Medicine and its underlying assumptions and foundations. that is as may be. if I break a leg, I am not likely to reach for the telephone number of the local homoeopath, reiki practitioner or essential oils remedy peddler. for the purely mechanical, I would say that the systems in place can do a job not to be sneered at. the implications come later, but in emergencies, they have you pretty much covered.

while I loathe, believe it or not, to give advice, this will come close. I have not been insured anywhere for a very, very long time. the way I have existed in various countries has separated me from the systems which most people in those countries are automatically (for the most part) members of. the reasons and circumstances are far too complex and convoluted, not to say uninteresting, to relate here. if you are not insured, and something which requires the attention of such systems occurs, you will be very severely punished for it, as I have been before, and now to a mammoth degree a few weeks ago. this is not hyperbole or exaggeration; you would do well to equip yourself beforehand because the consequences of not doing so are severe. very.

while I was incarcerated in the hospital, the circumstances were dire, but left much time for considering how such an establishment runs. it seems to me very clear indeed that there are many similarities to the Western Education system, as well as a very valid comparison to many religious systems which might be applied.

a hierarchical system, it features a Priestly class, a worker class, and (the almost) untouchables. there are holy books, tenets, prescriptions of all sorts; there are procedures carried out blindly by the bottom level of the pyramid, orders issued from the top which are never explained, never questioned, and never examined, no matter how ludicrous, inappropriate or ineffective they might be. the lower the level in the structure, the more genuine, honest and willing the people are to do what is "right." they are exploited in a way which could be called 'gross' but this is tempered by the fact at that at a certain point, the realisation dawns that all of this is automatic, and at no level is there even the dimmest conscious thought involved.

this was and is a horrific uncovering and sparked in me waves of compassion, sadness, and anger at the waste of potential, resources and lives. at some point, everyone involved, I believe, joined this system to "do good" and to help other people. and yet all they were doing was feeding the machine. what can be clearly seen is a system (if we look at it through the eyes of Stafford Beer or even Norbert Weiner) like all systems ultimately, dedicated to the preservation of itself; 99% of effort, energy and resources being expended on maintaining homeostasis. originally begun in tandem with religion, oddly enough, medicine and then hospitals were designed to help and cure the sick. people were approached as unique, and examination meant just that; not, as it is today, a streamlined set of procedures where all anomalies and points that do not fit in with the expected are cast aside or cut off so that the square pegs will fit - come what may - into the round holes.

when I first went on aeroplanes, one was treated as a valued customer, whose needs were one of the primary concern of the airline; I have seen that, in my lifetime, turn into a situation where 'customers' are merely logistics, and problems to be 'solved' - woe betide the passenger who has a problem which falls out of the bounds of the guidelines.

so for all these monolithic systems, be they transport systems, health care, politics, education and so on almost ad infinitum, there is a perversion of the human capacity for kindness, caring and empathy, largely (but not entirely) created by a blind impulse arising from a construction which ends up serving its own purpose, and almost against the purpose for which it was constructed.

in recognition of this, I propose to incorporate the idea of "medicine" (in a very particular and somewhat unconventional sense) within the purvey of Complemation, seeing as how, it is almost too obvious to say, learning involves the idea of taking care of the precious human body which allows us to carry on the absurd things we are busy with, but also gives the possibility of hearing something which might lead us elsewhere.

lastly, I offer this: 20 minutes after I received an email from Cold Spring Records that the re-release on 12" vinyl of the Barry Adamson / Pan Sonic / Hafler Trio release "The Hymn of the 7th Illusion" had arrived, I got a new roommate in the hospital. I leave it to others to work out what is going on.


  1. when i was hospitalized for 3 weeks 5 years ago - i had the distinct impression something wasn't right. that impression has only been strengthened since

    i wonder if you have read anything by jon rappoport

  2. well, let's put it this way. just as with schools and the education system, hospitals and the medical system are a business. when you put the final word on decisions about a system in the hands of the accountants and economists, then of course, this cannot have any other outcome. we now are becoming aware, in many places, that these people and their premises are mistaken about many things, and have contributed much suffering to the world; the idea that one can predict the future actions of people by the use of logic has been discredited for some time, even if that has not permeated through to as many strata of society as it might. people do not make decisions logically, especially the big ones. later, they claim they do. this is of course much as Western Science operates, and this is not a coincidence.

    the high priests here take their direction from an even higher source, and in this case it is the pharmaceutical companies. rather than it be a conspiracy, it is, I would suggest, the natural outcome of putting profit before all else. who is *not* going to take the money?

    the Chinese had a very interesting system, which has vanished from all but the most remote rural areas; you pay your physician when you are well, and when you are sick, you stop paying. then, there is a definite motivation to cure. in the West, people get paid more - specialists in particular - the longer the patient is ill. also consider psychiatrists who exemplify this notion. a vested interest in illness will not increase health.

    as with all these things whose models spring more or less directly from the Industrial Revolution with the notion of breaking apart tasks into pieces so that people might do only single parts and never be fully aware of their part in the grand scheme of things, there is the notion of "efficiency," also closely linked to the bean-counting activities of those behind the curtain. Efficiency is at best a concept, and nowhere near a fact, and like so many metaphors, it is taken to be a "thing." this leads to the insistence of its objective existence, and because it cannot be seen or pointed at, but only after the fact conjectured upon and applied to that which cannot be recalled directly, its quality ascends to be revered and desired just like any of the other impossibilities.

    hospitals have 'evil' in them. indeed, there is something deeply "wrong," I would agree emphatically. I would put forward the idea that this comes about because of the mechanicality of the operations, the processing of human lives and suffering as if they were commodities, the blindness, the lack of attention to what is really going on, and as I mentioned before, the waste and perversion of the genuine good will of people wishing to help others.

    every drip I was fed, I knew deep down this was wrong. every pill. and later, looking up one of the painkillers, I discovered that this same drug was responsible for the 99% extinction of vultures in Pakistan and elsewhere, as it has been fed to animals, which are then eaten by vultures, and these creatures have their kidneys explode. how can anything so destructive be something I would willing allow myself to take? yes, I am aware that certain compounds have different effects on different species, and amounts also make a huger difference. but I am also aware of how drugs which do not get clearance for one thing get re-branded and sold for another. I am thinking of Aspartame and AZT in particular. I saw several people die very painful, needlessly painful, wretched deaths due to the latter (it was an early AIDS medication), which fits any definition of evil you can throw at me, as far as I am concerned.

    all this thinking is going into a plan for action within the Simply Superior / Complemation framework. I will be writing about this at more length in the future. it does not matter if I get to see this actualise: I am going to put the notion out there and hope that it takes root in some fertile ground. the most I can do.

  3. ...and one just have to read books like The Invisible Gorilla, for one - to see that how much of 'control of the situation' psychic state is basically assuming one - and nothing else.