Thursday, March 24, 2016

sadly, another reason.

your friend and humble narrator has been asked on many an occasion why it is that there are no more Hafler Trio recordings being made available. today, as I blearily gaze into the subcutaneous cesspit some used to call "The Information Superhighway," I am informed that a company I used to deal with is presenting a product which is a re-release on DVD of the 1989 release of Brion Gysin's Dreamachine and audio-visual material relating to it.

this project was under development for many years, plagued by equipment malfunctions and breakdowns, logistical hurdles and obstacles, and was finally brought into reasonable shape - with the exception of a few minor problems. at which point, the company brought in "an expert," whose attitude and knowledge were not that as advertised on the outside of the tin.

this release was to be the summation and conclusion of a huge body of effort from long ago, as well as the final laying to rest of a promise and act of fulfilment of duty to Brion Gysin himself. at which point, negotiations broke down, until such times as this person was taken off the project, and it was allowed to be done in the way that expressly been outlined, the project was on hold.

as of today, it can be seen that such wishes are not honored, and I firmly commend all who read this to understand that I do not support, condone or authorise in any way this release, which is advertised for sale, with erroneous information such as that the Dreamachine is functional with such a size and pattern on a record player at 45RPM. it isn't, and this shows how much care - or lack of it - has been put into the handling of this project by the company. such a fundamental error should give any prospective purchaser pause for thought. long pause for thought, hopefully.

so the question often asked of my as to the lack of releases: look no further than this, to me, very unhappy occurrence.

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  1. Thank you very kindly for posting this.
    The whole thing did look a bit suspicious - and even a little mercenary, sadly - to my eyes when the sales page link was passed to me by a friend yesterday.

    I've enjoyed your work immensely for decades.
    Sorry this worked out so poorly.

    Warm wishes for better days ahead.