Tuesday, March 20, 2012

wonder, disbelief, waiting.

a scene from one of the crimes
yes, this is what we are going through - or rather waiting for - here at Simply Superior Mansions, surrounded by loyal minions waiting to do our every bidding, our every whim their joy to fulfill. but what is this, pray tell? why, 'tis the evidence that things can be a bit slow here, and this would explain some delays, would it not? witness, friends and fellow travelers on life's sordid path, a tiny piece of the DREAMACHINE project rendering, and the time taken to compete roughly half of that piece...? er...well, look for yourself, dears.

multiply this by several projects, and many pieces, add to this the possibility of crashing (start again), add to this the possibility of it/them not being a successful composition that is thus rendered (start again), and you too will understand what we mean by 'unavoidable delays'. tipping the hat to all and sundry, we remain. oh yes we do.


and here it is, all finished. that's ONE section.

1 comment:

  1. oh yes! The Dreamachine package by h3o I imagine would be so far the most advance product on the market for years. Worth waiting, worth praying for.